It may look somewhat strange to dedicate a whole 'virtual' museum to a movie that's considered a bad one by so many. I have to agree on that, I don't think it's a good movie either. And so did the audience, because it was in fact
a commercial disaster.
I think the main reason for that is the poor script. It originally started as a serious movie wich had later been turned into a comedy, and at the end turned out to be neither. And at the time, the late sixties, the Wild West wasn't really a theme that could attract a young audience.
It's said that Roy Orbison, though he is one of the greatest singers, wasn't a great actor. This might be true, but if you keep in mind what a modest, almost shy person he was, and if you look at his stage performance during his concerts, I would say that he has done a remarkably good job. And I feel free to be a judge of that, being a professional director myself. I think Roy's best physical music performances are seen in this movie when he sings the beautiful songs, written by himself and Bill Dees. I'd like to consider this site a tribute to those two men and the movie they got
stuck in.

Should you have any material or information on this movie you would like to share, give or sell, or if you have any questions or remarks, please contact me.

With regards, Albert

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